Monday, November 22, 2021

In this issue …

Two Nominations Submitted to Fill Expiring Terms on USPS Board of Governors. Things could get very interesting.

USPS Ends Fiscal 2021 with Another Loss.  Better results thanks to workers’ comp.

Court Rejects Challenge to Additional Price Authorities.  The court finds that the PRC substantiated its final rule.

USPS SubmitsIntegrated Financial Planfor FY 2022.  Not exactly what the other Plan would have anticipated.

USPS Files Notice of Higher Competitive Product Prices in 2022.  Some go up and some go down.

Market Tests: USPS Seeks to End One, Start Another.  Trying to find new source of revenue.

OIG Examines “Critically Late Trips.”  There’slateand there’scritically late, which is more disruptive.

September Financial Results: Saved by Workers’ Comp.  Workers’ comp was generous for the month.

USPS Service Performance Improves Marginally in PQ IV/FY 2021. Improvementis a relative term.

USPS FINAL RULE: Domestic Competitive Products Pricing and Mailing Standards Changes.  The DMM language. Page 11.

Miscellany.  Factoids; Few takers; Top earners.

All the Official Stuff. Federal Registernotices,Postal Bulletinarticles,DMM AdvisoryandIndustry Alertpostings.

Calendar. Scheduled events and more.


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