PGAMA Acquires PrintED

PGAMA Acquires PrintED
On July 1, 2019,PGAMAformally acquired the nationalPrintED Accreditation Programfrom Graphic Arts Education & Research Foundation (GAERF).  Workforce development is one of the top challenges faced by the printing industry today and PrintED is one of the long-term solutions.  PGAMA has been a supporter and contributor to this program for many years.

PrintEDis a nationally recognized accreditation program based on industry standards and competencies that are appropriate for high schools and post-secondary schools offering graphic communications programs. PrintED accreditation ensures an instructional program for students that is current and relevant, consistent across the nation and aligned with industry standards.

Workforce development is one of the top challenges faced by the printing industry today. Employees are retiring at a faster pace, and companies are having more difficulty finding experienced employees. This difficulty is causing companies to look at alternative sources of employees.

PrintED graduates have an interest in the printing Industry, understand industry terms, are familiar with machinery and equipment, and production workflow. They are knowledgeable, trained, and are highly employable in Industry or continue with post-secondary education.

PGAMA is uniquely positioned to guide and expand the PrintED program using their longstanding model for successfully managing relationships between PrintED schools, State Departments of Education, and local industry partners. Support from state agencies is crucial to maintain funding for our industry education programs and to impact national policymaking for career readiness. These connections are essential in establishing and maintaining a reliable, effective, and consistent pipeline of new employees for the Graphic Communications Industry.

PGAMAis a non-profit trade association serving printing firms in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. whose mission is to help members meet their business goals through advocacy, education, and communication.   The printing & publishing industry employees over 30,000 people in our region and ranks among the top in terms of manufacturing establishments, economic impact and number of employees.

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