PGAMA Excellence in Print 2018

Congratulations to all the 2018 EIP Winners!

2018 EIP Winners

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Grand Q sponsored by Xerox
Schmitz Press

Digital Q sponsored by Canon
Printing Specialist Corporation

Binding & Finishing Q sponsored by Standard Graphics
Worth Higgins & Associates Inc.

Best Performance sponsored by Heidelberg:   
Schmitz Press

Best Use of Color sponsored by Braden Sutphin Ink:   
McClung Companies

Best Use of Paper sponsored by Lindenmeyr-Munroe:   
Worth Higgins & Assoc. Inc.

Judges’ Choice sponsored by Prisco:   
Printing Specialist Corporation & Schmitz Press

People’s Choice sponsored by K&W finishing, inc.: 

Best Use of Photography sponsored by Solnet Network & Web:   

Best Use of Design sponsored by K&W finishing, inc: 

Designers Choice sponsored by Atlantic Graphic Systems:   

Spirit of Excellence sponsored by MCS:   
Strategic Factory

Best 4 Color Reproduction sponsored by CardConnect:   
Printing Specialist Corporation

Bindagraphics, Inc. Die Cutting

Bindagraphics, Inc. Vinyl Binders

Chromagraphics, Inc. Announcements and Invitations Digital

Chromagraphics, Inc. Books: Paper Covered Digital

Chromagraphics, Inc. Folders, Presentation Kits & Portfolios Digital

Chromagraphics, Inc. Folders, Presentation Kits & Portfolios Process

Chromagraphics, Inc. Miscellaneous Process

Chromagraphics, Inc. Newsletters Process

Chromagraphics, Inc. Postcards & Self-Mailers Process

Colortree Group Web Press Printed Piece Heat Set Process

Copy General Greeting Cards Digital

Doyle Printing & Offset Calendars Digital

Doyle Printing & Offset Posters Digital

Gamse Lithographing Co. Labels (printed—sheetfed) Non-Process

Gamse Lithographing Co. Labels (printed—sheetfed) Process

Gamse Lithographing Co. Labels (printed—web) Digital

Gamse Lithographing Co. Labels (printed—web) Process

Graphtec Annual Reports Digital

Graphtec Art Reproductions Digital

Graphtec Booklets: Small, up to 6x9 Process

Graphtec Books: Case Bound Digital

Graphtec Catalogs—Company Capabilities Process

Graphtec Catalogs—Product-Oriented Digital

Graphtec Unique Direct Mail Solutions Digital

Graphtec Unique Direct Mail Solutions Process

Heritage Printing & Graphics Magazines Digital

Heritage Printing & Graphics Printers’ Self-Advertising

Heritage Printing & Graphics Wide Format - Unique Substrates

Heritage Printing & Graphics Wide Format - Wraps

K & W finishing, inc. Laser Cutting

K & W finishing, inc. Stamping/Embossing/Die-Cutting Combo

Kenmore Envelope Co Envelopes Process

MOSAIC Booklets: Small, up to 6x9 Digital

MOSAIC Brochures & Pamphlets Process

MOSAIC Calendars Process

MOSAIC Catalogs—Company Capabilities Digital

MOSAIC Impossible Job Process

MOSAIC Maps Digital

MOSAIC Printers’ Self-Advertising Process

Mount Vernon Printing Co. Booklets: Small, up to 6x9 Non-Process

Mount Vernon Printing Co. Catalogs—Product-Oriented Process

Peabody Press Announcements and Invitations Process

Printing Specialist Corporation Booklets: Large, over 6x9 Digital

Printing Specialist Corporation Brochures & Pamphlets Digital

Printing Specialist Corporation Catalogs—Institutional Digital

Printing Specialist Corporation Packaging Digital

Printing Specialist Corporation Postcards & Self-Mailers Digital

Printing Specialist Corporation Printers’ Self-Advertising Digital

Printing Specialist Corporation Stationery - Individual or Matched Sets Digital

Raff Embossing & Foilcraft Stamping

Schmitz Press Art Reproductions Process

Schmitz Press Books: Case Bound Non-Process

Schmitz Press Books: Paper-Covered Non-Process

Schmitz Press Catalogs—Institutional Process

Schmitz Press Inserts, Circulars & Flyers Process

Schmitz Press Miscellaneous Digital

Schmitz Press Packaging Non-Process

Schmitz Press Posters Process

Schmitz Press Programs Process

Schmitz Press Stationery - Individual or Matched Sets Non-Process

SGM Bindery, Inc. Finishing/Binding

Solnet Network & Web Website Design

Strategic Factory Sales Campaigns Digital

Strategic Factory Wide Format - Displays

Strategic Factory Wide Format - Unique Application/Installation

Tri-State Printing Point-of-Purchase Material Digital

Tri-State Printing Programs Digital

Westland Printers Booklets: Large, over 6x9 Process

Westland Printers Books: Case Bound Process

Westland Printers Books: Paper-Covered Process

Westland Printers Envelopes Non-Process

Westland Printers Greeting Cards Process

Westland Printers Packaging Process

Williams & Heintz Map Corp. Maps Process

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Announcements and Invitations Non-Process

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Annual Reports Process

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Embossing

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Greeting Cards Non-Process

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Letterpress

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Magazines Process

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Point-of-Purchase Material Process

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Sales Campaigns Process

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