Hogan to Veto Paid Sick Leave Legislation

Governor Larry Hogan announced his intention to veto paid sick leave, or the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act. According to his remarks, he fully supports a paid sick leave measure, but not the one recently passed by the legislature. He reported his concerns about the effect on the small business community in Maryland and expressed his disappointment with the legislature’s failure to consider the paid sick leave legislation he introduced.

What happens next?

The Maryland General Assembly will likely override his veto at the next available opportunity. If there is a special session this summer, the veto may be overridden sometime in June, July or August and take effect January 1, 2018.

If General Assembly does not meet until the next session, a veto override will be one of the first items of business when the legislative session convenes beginning  January 10, 2018. The legislation will take effect once the veto is overridden.

Are there enough votes to override Governor Hogan’s veto?

Yes, the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act passed with veto-proof majorities in both chambers – but very narrowly in the Senate. Currently, the Democratic leadership has the votes to override and implement paid sick leave. However, we will be carefully monitoring potential membership changes and other policy developments over the interim that may affect a veto override vote.

Proposed Executive Action on Paid Sick Leave from Hogan Administration:

In response to his veto and to demonstrate his commitment to the issue, the Governor is also proposing three Executive actions regarding paid sick leave.

  1. A study to develop new recommendations on best practices for paid sick leave.
  2. An Executive Order granting paid sick leave to all state employees (both contract and non-contract), resulting in 8,000 more individuals receiving the benefit.
  3. An order that all procurement officers give preference to all companies that offer paid sick leave.

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